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Oscar de Vries, a retired chartered accountant, resides in the Western Cape with his wife, Dawn, and their two daughters, Elise and Delene. They also have a son named Sheldon, who lives in the USA with his family.
In addition to his church involvement, Oscar has dedicated his time to the Prison/Correctional Services Ministry for the past two decades. He serves as an instructor and volunteer for New Life Behaviour Ministries (NLB), a non-profit organization. NLB offers a comprehensive study curriculum that aims to foster a meaningful and personal relationship with God and facilitate reconciliation. The curriculum consists of 174 lessons divided into 14 series, guiding individuals to apply biblical principles to their thinking, attitudes, behaviors, and conduct.
The NLB curriculum has received positive feedback from both Christians and non-Christians alike, and it covers a wide range of topics such as family life, parenting, marriage skills, substance abuse, sex addiction, emotional management, and financial literacy.
Those interested in accessing NLB and its curriculum can visit the organization’s websites, or Despite his retirement, Oscar continues to contribute as a consultant to Baker Tilly Greenwoods, the accounting firm where he worked as a partner for 42 years.

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